Comprehensive Merchant Credit Card Processing Solutions from AV Credit

Welcome to the forefront of merchant credit card processing solutions, where innovation meets reliability to transform the way you do business. At AV Credit, standing for American Veteran’s credit, we understand the critical importance of secure, seamless, and efficient payment processing in today’s digital landscape. That’s why we offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses across industries.


From secure payment gateways to advanced point-of-sale (POS) systems, our solutions are tailored to enhance every aspect of your payment processing journey. Whether you operate a bustling retail storefront, a thriving e-commerce platform, or a large-scale enterprise, our customizable solutions are equipped to handle your transaction needs with precision and efficiency.


Our focus on security is unwavering, with robust fraud prevention tools and PCI-compliant protocols ensuring the safety of every transaction. Moreover, our dedication to customer satisfaction extends beyond technology, with personalized support and guidance available at every step of your journey with AV Credit.


Join the ranks of businesses across the globe who trust AV Credit for their merchant credit card processing needs. Experience the difference that cutting-edge technology, unwavering reliability, and personalized service can make in optimizing your financial operations and driving sustainable growth. Explore our range of solutions today and unlock the full potential of your business in today’s competitive market landscape.

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Smart Solutions for Your Payment signifies our dedication to providing intelligent, efficient, and secure payment processing services tailored to your unique needs. Our innovative approach and cutting-edge technology streamline your payment processes, enhancing your business efficiency. Trust AV Credit for intelligent payment solutions that drive your business forward.


Seamless Setup

Trust AV Credit for a setup experience that is seamless and efficient, ensuring you're operational in minimal time.


Secure Transactions

We employ cutting-edge encryption and security measures to ensure that every transaction is safe and secure. With AV Credit, you can trust that your credit card processing and payments are processed with the highest level of security.


Premium Support

Our dedicated support team is committed to providing timely and effective solutions, ensuring your payment processing experience is smooth and hassle-free. Count on AV Credit for reliable support whenever you need it.

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Smart Merchant Services with a Cause.


Payment Methods

AV Credit supports a wide range of credit card payment processing methods, including credit and debit cards, mobile payments (such as Apple Pay and Google Pay), and ACH transfers.



Our platform enables businesses to set up and manage subscription-based services, allowing for recurring payments from customers with ease and convenience wether online or in store.


Split CC Processing

AVcredit offers split payment options, allowing customers to divide their payment among multiple methods or individuals, ideal for group purchases or shared expenses.


Request a Payment

With AVcredit, businesses can easily generate payment requests and send them to customers via email or SMS, simplifying the payment process for both parties.


Onsite Payments

AVcredit provides solutions for in-person retail payments, supporting traditional point-of-sale systems as well as modern contactless and mobile payment methods.


Secure Transactions

AVcredit ensures secure transactions through industry-standard encryption and tokenization techniques, along with PCI-compliant systems. 



AVcredit supports e-wallet payments, allowing customers to store their payment information securely and make transactions with a simple tap or click.


Payment Integrations

AVcredit integrates with a variety of software and platforms, including accounting, CRM, and e-commerce platforms, streamlining payment processes and enhancing efficiency.

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About American Veterans Credit

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AV Credit offers top-notch credit card payment processing services for businesses. Our online payment processing solutions are designed to streamline transactions and enhance customer experience. Whether you need internet credit card processing or online payment processing, AV Credit has you covered. Best of all, every swipe supports American veterans, allowing you to contribute to a worthy cause while enjoying reliable payment processing services. Discover why businesses trust AV Credit as their credit card payment processor. Contact us today for a reliable merchant services provider!

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